The workshop covers the following topics, comprising theory, simulation, and existing and future experiments:

  • Ultra-high-energy (UHE) cosmic-rays and neutrinos, theory of production.
  • Radio-detection of UHE neutrinos and cosmic rays.
  • Acoustic detection of UHE neutrinos and cosmic rays.
  • Experimental techniques of acoustic and radio detection.
  • Radio emission from particle showers in dense media/air (theory and simulation)
  • Related detection technologies (microwave, radar, ultrafast magnetic sensing...)
  • Interdisciplinary relations: radio and acoustic techniques used in other fields of science.

All oral presentations will be organised in plenary sessions.

There will be:

  • Invited speakers providing talks on topics related to the ARENA main topics.
  • Invited talks providing an overview of the major topics of ARENA (~ 30 min).
  • Submitted contributions: groups and collaborations are invited to submit overview talks on their work (~ 20 min) and specialised talks (~ 15 min).