Conference venue

San Martín Pinario Monastery

Plaza de la Inmaculada, 3
15704 Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Telf: +34 981 56 02 82
Fax: +34 981 55 85 52

How to Reach

By plane:

The nearest airport to Santiago is the Santiago de Compostela airport (SCQ)

  • Take a taxi from the airport to "Hospederia San Martin Pinario". From Santiago Airport the distance is about 14 km and the taxi fare amounts to approximately 25 euro.
  • Take the bus "Empresa Freire" - Schedule (Spanish only); ticket cost € 3,00. The ticket can be purchased directly inside the bus (ask driver for "Plaza de Galicia"). The bus stops just outside the only airport terminal (map). Get off at "Plaza de Galicia" and from there you can walk to "Hospederia San Martin Pinario" (10 min. - see map - when you get off the bus at Plaza de Galicia, turn right and walk in that direction towards the Cathedral (10 min.) 





The Guesthouse of the Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (LNS) is provided with 24 rooms , including 4 double rooms, all equipped with heating and air conditioning, clean linen set, private bathroom with shower and hair dryer, wi-fi and large window with garden view.

In common for the guests are: stove, microwave, refrigerator, sink, washer and dryer.
A locker with a set of dishes is available for each guest.
Vending machines for drinks and snacks and a telephone, for internal use only, are located in a separate room.
Dining room and TV room are also available.
The rooms are cleaned every working day.